I am often asked,

What is Channeling??


Channeling is a combination of…

  • Counseling ~ healing your past pain.
  • Coaching ~ discovering how to create your present and your future in the energy of Peace, Ease and Grace.
  • Transforming ~ deciding to change your habit of making everything harder than it needs to be.  Instead you decide to “Allow It to Be Easy.”


My gathering of seven Master Spirit Guides, Paularyo, can help you...

  • Uncover your Life Purpose.
  • Raise your energy vibration so you can live in your Heart.
  • Discover your Innate Soul Qualities, so that
  • You can know and feel and BE your true Authentic Self, and can
  • Move forward in your life with an open heart.


Paularyo can go to a Past Life to help you understand why you have some patterns today that feel unexplainable, and can help you heal those patterns.



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