I am fortunate and honored to be selected, out of over 600 channelers interviewed nationwide, to be one of the three channelers featured on a cable TV show demonstrating channeling as a healing practice.
I am humbled to have been asked to be a guest speaker on internationally syndicated radio programs, a public speaker, and facilitator of international channeling retreats and cruises.
I am proud to be the author of two books, producer of educational videos, and provider of advanced channeling training courses.
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And ask questions like,
"How does a spiritual 'healer' heal us?"
hat is just one of the questions Neil Longley (a London radio personality) and
Amanda Goldston (a UK Abundance Coach)
asked during a radio broadcast interview with me and Paularyo.
Other questions Neil and Amanda asked include:
  • How can we enhance our energy field?
  • How can we stop taking the actions of others personally?
  • How can we be financially successful while doing our heart work?
  • How can we avoid pain in our lives?
  • What is the difference between Paularyo and Abraham and other Guides?
Neil and Amanda each immediately scheduled a channeling session with me and Paularyo.
Amanda jotted this email note to me after her session:
"I feel so much lighter and freer. I have shifted a lot of the family stuff as well, especially not matching up to the expectations of my father. I’ve also discovered some very useful resources to help my clients. You are an amazing lady with a wonderful gift. I am truly honored and grateful to have attracted you in my life - just as I needed a solution."
Do you have friends who don't understand what channeling is?
Invite them to listen in.
It's a perfect introduction to and
overview of channeling.
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