Private Channeling Appointments with Paularyo and Connie



I have been listening to the recording from Paularyo's reading and am
gaining more insight each time.
I can "feel" Paularyo there during the reading and
it has been healing my heart.

Thank you for sharing the gifts you have with

those of us who are lucky enough to know you.

Blessings Be.
Carol Schweitzer, Madison, WI



My gentle and wise Council of 7 Master Spirit Teachers call themselves collectively "Paularyo."


Each channeling session is an experiential conversation between you and Paularyo.


Paularyo creates a safe and sacred space within which I channel healing energy, insightful guidance and practical tools from the highest source of light and love.



                    Artist Angela Treat Lyon



Channeling Appointments


I am no longer scheduling individual channeling sessions. I am leaving this website open so that you can browse through the site to learn about channeling and the multitude of benefits other channelers can provide.


However, if you are interested in hosting a retreat, please let me know.  I absolutely LOVE working with groups!  Simply email me at


Thank you for allowing me to be of service to you for the past 30 + years.  


I am proud and humbled to have been a part of your spiritual awakenings, healings and enlightenment.


Rainbow Ka blessings,






This was the most profound healing session
I have ever had in my life.
I feel strong and at the same time

peaceful about myself.

Thank you Connie.

Gary Elbert, Lemon Grove, CA





I was blown away by our session. Now I don't feel powerless.

I feel more calm and content with who and where I am right now in life.

Finding out who I was in one of my past lives really hit a chord with me.

It explained a lot in terms of how I behave today.

And it was humbling to realize myself as a unique soul.

I look forward to what I may discover from now on.

Many thanks to you and Paulayro.

Sara P., Arlington, VA






I am so excited that I got a chance to work with you, because

you and Paularyo helped me feel safe and sound again.
This is very important to me.

Ana Vucic; Cleveland, Ohio














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