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Allow yourself to be taken

to that place of Peace and Ease where

Lasting Personal Transformation occurs.

he words in this book come directly from Spirit.

he energy of Spirit is absorbed by the reader.

Bathe in the soothing energy of Paularyo's words.

Float in the images of internationally

acclaimed artist Angela Treat-Lyon.

"Easy" is a Powerful and

Valuable Resource for people on a path of

ersonal Healing and Transformation.
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Your book is very
simple yet powerful.

I read the book when I got home from work yesterday. I slipped into a state of calm and peace. I am still in that state today.

The energy the words give off from Paularyo resonates with me.

The spiritual idea of connecting with the Self should be simple and very doable, but many ideas we come across seem complicated.

Your book gives me a sense of peace because connecting with the Self is really simple!

Thank you so very much.

Daniel DiDonna,
Parsippany, New Jersey
I experienced Unconditional Love from the

as I read it.
Eva Skerl, Slovenia
The messages seem to be like little poems.
I like the idea that it would be a book for meditation. You don´t open it...and read it from beginning to the end.
One can open it on any page and...look at the picture and meditate on the message.
Johanna Raymont

Jerez, Spain
Peace, Ease & Grace
A gentle, graceful journey
through beautiful imagery and
Spirit-filled channeled Messages from Paularyo,
a gathering of seven Master Spirit Guides.
Bathe in the soothing energy of Paularyo's words,
float in the images of internationally acclaimed artisi
Angela Treat Lyon.
Allow your Self to be taken to that place of Peace, Ease & Grace,
where Lasting Personal Transformation occurs.
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This is a Handbook for Life.
As I read it, I FELT it . . . in my heart and soul. I had tears in my eyes. I could feel my soul
qualities as well as love, peace, and compassion in my BE-ing.
I will read this everyday as
I get up in the morning.
Tad Tandler

Denver, CO
This book is a summary of the spiritual adventure we all take while in this life. It's an explanation of why we are here, which is a question that I've pondered for many decades! I loved hearing what the most important considerations in life are.

~ Mary Annette Hall, San Diego, CA

I feel I'm at home when I read 'Allow It to Be Easy'. I feel my soul growing inside me and I am appreciative toward myself and my soul.

~ Mikey Krajnak, Boston, MA

"Easy" is filled with heart-felt concepts from a dimension that only wants us to succeed in life...my body was eager to hear the words and embrace them.

~ Rachael Paddock, San Diego, CA
  • An inspirational book that is perfect for everyone to learn how to be happy with your own life.
    ~ Patricia Ward Costello
  • This is the perfect book for anyone who is serious about looking within and moving forward with their lives. This was a good reminder for me that everything is happening for a reason. All I need to do is to allow it to be easy and to allow each course take its path.
    ~ Tiffany Williams, Redmond, WA
  • As I read this book I felt loving assurances that life is easy as we allow it to be. And that I have to share this book with my friends!

    ~ Sue Elizabeth Burnes, Frederick, MD
  • "Easy" is filled with gentle, wise and positive guidance. And it has a wonderful flow to the words.

    ~ Louise White, Annapolis, MD
  • I now have something tangible which can lead me towards a deeper sense of self and a way to explore my spirituality within. This book gives me a deeper sense of purpose and allows me to feel I can be more expressive and productive with my own situations...kinda like a life-line.

    ~ S.E.F.
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. . . from reading Paularyo’s words and enjoying Angela’s gem-like images.

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