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"My session was fascinating - and healing -
 and enlightening - and ..............
You are a blessing.
Thank you."
 ~ Carol Schweltzer, Madison, WI
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What exactly is channeling?

What happens during the channeling session with Paularyo?

How would I benefit?

"Abraham" and "Paularyo"

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What exactly is channeling?
A channeling session allows you to speak directly with Master Spirit Teachers from the highest Spiritual realm to receive empowering, healing, and life-enhancing wisdom and guidance for your life.
Master Spirit Teachers are energies that have always been, and will forever be, teachers of the highest order. They have never been incarnate. They serve as pure Teachers of Spirit.
When I channel I allow myself to go into an altered state from which I act as a sort of "biological radio" that has the ability to tune into the highest frequency of consciousness. I allow my Master Spirit Teachers, Paularyo, to speak through me to you. Their healing energy and sacred wisdom flows through me in a way that can help you move forward with clarity, peace and ease.
In this video I explain how I channel:
session was just amazing!
Paularyo knows me even
better than I know myself!
What they told me was so
helpful for me.

I really appreciate you and Paularyo. You
comfort me after a very long time of sadness.
I can feel light back in my life

I'm really impressed by your guidance.

You make me feel better and now
I have hope for the future.
Dear Ms.Connie,

so thankful to you.

I will
never forget you and Paularyo.

You have taught me a lot.

care of yourself my Dear Kind Ms. Connie.
Tehran, Iran
How do people benefit from Paularyo’s wisdom and guidance?
Over the years I've been humbled as people have healed emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually by the profound, wise, and non-judgmental energy, wisdom, and guidance they receive from Paularyo.
Clients often report immediate relief along with renewed enthusiasm, enhanced creativity, a peaceful sense of personal control.
If you hunger for a deep change in your life that moves you in the direction of less stress and enhanced wisdom as you fulfill your Life Purpose, Spirit Channeling with Paularyo is for you.
want you to know that my session with you really set
me off on the right foot for this last deployment.
Paularyo was right that I definitely had a place out here
and I feel I really made a positive impact on a
lot of people in regards to keeping people's
spirits up and
just letting them be themselves.
M.M., Naval Officer
(Name withheld at Officer's request.)
What is Connie's experience during a Paularyo channeling?
I allow myself to go into an altered state from which I act as a sort of "biological radio" that has the ability to tune into the highest frequency of consciousness. I allow Master Spirit Teachers to speak through me to you. Their healing energy and sacred information flows through me in a way that can help you move forward with peace and ease.
thanks for helping me
clear blocks in my mind and

old programmed beliefs.
It has
really helped me improve my communication

with my husband. Thank you.
Nada Milej, Piran, Slovenia
During a channeling session I...
  • Have only unconditional love and deep compassion for everyone.
  • Am not restricted by time or space.
  • Can 'become' another person and feel their emotions in order to help you clarify how you can best be in a relationship with that person.
  • Feel everything (past, present, future) as if it is happening in the present moment. The future is presented as possibilities.
To enter a channeling state I...
  • Become clear on my intention - to be a channel for divine healing energy and the highest wisdom.
  • Set my own personal opinions, thoughts and issues aside to allow Paularyo's healing energy and sacred information to flow through me.
  • Voluntarily slip into an altered state of consciousness to merge with the energies of Paularyo. My posture, vocabulary and voice are altered slightly as I merge until I feel One with All-That-Is. Then Paularyo speaks through me to bring insights and spiritual tools for your emotional and spiritual healing.
Afterwards I remember the session partially and temporarily as though it were a dream.
Dear Sweet Connie,
After our Skype session with you,

my boyfriend and I have both been going thru a tremendous amount of healing.
I don’t know how to put it into words.
Thank you for being there
along my/our journey.
I don’t always have the words to explain how profound your healings are...
Please know that they are profound and we thank you for your blessings.
Diane McKeon, Virginia Beach, VA
What happens during a channeling session with Paularyo?
We begin our time together with an invocation and a guided meditation. I then allow Paularyo to "enter" my energy field and speak through me. For the remainder of your time, you and Paularyo are engaged in conversation.
I learned that I have been communicating with my Spirit Guides for many years now, and I just need to trust myself to enhance my communication with my Guides. I can do this every day, easily. It is within me. I also learned some of the areas where I get hung up.
I think the best advice from Paularyo is to truly "Allow it to be easy". We seem to get stuck wanting to make everything more difficult than it really is.
Oh, and don't forget to allow it to be fun, too!
Dave Fowlie, San Diego, CA
With a gentle, compassionate and caring touch, Paularyo reveals to you the kindest, gentlest you that is, as well as your innate soul qualities within. You feel cradled and cherished.
You discover the heart of your life challenges. You uncover the light of truth in your Self, as you’re taught to enter compassion for your Self and others.
What are Master Spirit Teachers?
Master Spirit Teachers are energies that have always been, and will forever be, teachers of the highest order. They have never been incarnate. They serve as pure Teachers of Spirit.
Days after our Skype session I
am continuing to have insights and revelations related to it.
Paularyo is a strong and powerful teacher... understanding, patient, accepting and totally loving.
Throughout the session it felt as if
Paularyo was influencing me to...
~ Explore the infinite possibilities,

~ Respond from my heart space,

~ Expect and accept no limitations, and

~ Give up extraneous ‘stuff’ that didn’t

serve me.
I am eternally grateful to you, Connie, for this experience, which has been, and continues to be,
enormously transformative.
Rev. Greta Sesheta
Culver City, CA
A channeling session allows you to speak, through a Channeler, directly with these Master Teachers to receive empowering, healing, and life-enhancing wisdom and guidance for your life.
What is Connie's background?
My career path has taken many twists and unexpected turns.
I began my professional life as a computer programmer. After working at the Pentagon and then in Germany, I felt a call towards a career in human services.
I subsequently earned a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Arizona with an emphasis in counseling Deaf adults.
I enjoyed a rewarding career as a counselor with Deaf adults, a position as college professor, and the Department Chair/Program Coordinator of Disabled Student Services at a San Diego Community College.
How did Connie discover her gift?
In 1985 I unexpectedly and spontaneously discovered I am a Channel for Spirit when quite by chance someone at a small dinner party invited me to see if I could channel.
I barely knew what channeling was, but I was willing to see what would happen. He led me into a meditative state...et voila...I channeled!
Initially I was skeptical, reluctant, and could not believe that I had such a gift.
I agreed to "play" with it. I decided not to read anything on the topic of channeling, as I was skeptical and wanted to test it to the max.
As time passed my experiences deepened and I became intrigued.
After over 10 years of being what I describe as a ‘closet channel,’ in 1996 I resigned my position as a college professor in order to honor my gift.
In 2005, a Hollywood producer was creating a cable TV show featuring three Channelers with the ability to help people lead more effective, abundant and fulfilling lives.
He interviewed over 600 channelers from across the United States. I was selected as one of the three. (In time I turned down the contract, so never appeared on the TV show.)
In 2009, I was one of seven channelers featured in "Tuning In Two: Spirit Channelers in America," the groundbreaking sequel to the initial full-length documentary.
"Abraham" and "Paularyo"
I love how this man describes the energy of "Paularyo" as compared to "Abraham."
I love your book, "Channeled Messages."
 I have just had a very pleasant afternoon reading it, and
absorbing Paularyo's healing words.
It's amazing how the different aspects of Source have different feels to them.
Abraham is up front and feisty, and focuses on attracting things - "The Law of Attraction."
Paularyo is gentle and loving, and focuses on personal healing - guiding us to
"Allow it to be easy."
Neil Longley, Radio Personality, UK
What's the difference between a Channeler and a Medium?
People seek out a Medium when they want to contact a loved one who has passed over. The Medium will give you a description of a departed loved one and specific facts which confirms for you that your loved one is present in spirit.
A Channeler can contact loved ones who have passed over. The kind of information that Paularyo taps into is information about why you were together in this life...what you came to learn from each other and teach to each other...past lives that you have spent together.
Introducing Connie's 7 Master Spirit Teachers, "Paularyo"
My gathering of seven Master Spirit Guides, who call themselves "Paularyo," are Internationally recognized Experts in Emotional Healing and Personal Transformation.
They come to help you overcome your life challenges and enhance your personal power as they provide deep wisdom and healing energies.
They share with you Heart-Based, Soul-Centered Spiritual Tools that you can use on a daily basis for on-going transformation and healing toward self-empowerment.
Paularyo haven't lived on the earth
before. They've always remained in the Universal energy field
in order to bring guidance for Earth souls. They want you
to know and understand why you are here, what you came to
do, and how you can fulfill your purpose in life. They provide tools you can use along the way to heal your Self on all levels, and to "Allow it to be easy ."
These magnificent 7 Master Spirit Guides speak through me with one voice. When they enter my energy field, I feel as though I am filled with boundless love.
Here's a little information about each Master Guide:
...reveals information from the Akashic Records which contain all that has ever occurred to each soul in all our lifetimes. She comes to help you understand what specific lesson you did not complete in a past life. This helps you make sense of otherwise unexplainable challenges in your life, thus allowing that part of your life to become easy.
... brings unbridled love and emotional healing. He is a messenger of unconditional love from the Source. When he first came to me, his gentle voice came as a whisper and could not be recorded on tape (since I provide clients a tape of their sessions.) As Paul and I became more in tuned with each other's energy fields, he is now able to be recorded.
...is my medical guide. If someone "heals" an illness, without healing the emotional source of the illness, it will return, perhaps in a new form, but it will return. With Misha's guidance, you can heal the core source of illness, thus your health and quality of life improve. She can also tell you if a medication is appropriate or not. However, I always tell people to follow their doctor's’orders. In rare cases that Misha's insights conflict with their doctor, I request they get a second opinion.
...helps you learn to receive information from the Universe within your right brain and heart, for your own guidance and healing. She teaches you how to listen, think, and speak from your heart. She also teaches you how to use your left brain effectively for storing, filing and retrieving information. By coming into right / left brain balance, you are able to live from your heart, and life becomes easier.
...helps you fully express and understand your anger, and to heal your spiritual connection to the divine Source, returning you to your natural state of peace.
...helps heal the fear of not having enough of what you feel you need. With his insights and healing energy you can joyfully enter into prosperity, knowing that there is enough for everyone, and that you deserve abundance in all areas of your life.
...is a very outspoken and powerful energy who brings you messages from a Parallel Universe regarding the concepts of time and space beyond our limited 3 dimensional view of reality. He is a reluctant oracle and only provides "future" information when he believes you're ready and will use this information to bring healing and ease to your life.
Historical Overview
Rosemary Ellen Guiley in Harper's Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experience, 1991, provides us with an excellent historical overview of trance channeling:
The desire to communicate with nonwordly beings is perhaps as old as humanity itself. In prehistoric and primitive cultures, individuals such as a priest, shaman, oracle, had the responsibility of seeking out the wisdom of these beings. Communication with "gods" in trance was a highly developed art among the priestly class of the ancient Egyptians.
Some psychologists believe channeling is pathological in origin and symptomatic of multiple personality disorder. Channels on the other hand control the access of the channeled entities and generally lead otherwise normal lives. Still other theories hold that human consciousness is far more complex, and that each individual may actually have multiple consciousnesses of varying levels. Channeling may be but one part of a universal Mind to which all consciousnesses in existence is connected.
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