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Guided Meditation
~ Raise your Vibration
~ Balance your Energies
~ Cleanse your Chakras
Enjoy a 20-minute meditation followed by 10 minutes of gentle restful music.
Original music and recordings engineered by Kristopher Stone.
“I must tell you how wonderful, relaxing, and opening Paularyo's meditation has been for me.
I am so familiar with it now, I can bring the energies
 into my being during meetings.”
Darity Wesley, Attorney
San Diego, CA
What if you could...
> Raise your vibration
as you bring into every cell of your body the
infinite energies of Love, Peace, Healing, & Joy,
as well as the energies of your
Spirit Guides, your Angels and the Source?
> Cleanse and balance your Chakras at will?
> Spend each day filled with these celestial energies,
while your Chakras are clear and balanced?
How would your life be different?
Discover this simple, yet powerful meditation that
you can do in 15-seconds anytime...anywhere...to
change your thinking about stressful situations, thus
reducing your stress and its effects on your
ress HERE to order my "Energy Balancing & Chakra Cleansing" Guided Meditation
today in digital format quickly and
securely with your credit card for only $4.99
Folks tell me...
"Your CD is perfect for my personal transformation. It's a simple solution for what is a powerful
healing process
. I
am a great believer in the healing potential of the
chakra system, and would
this CD to
everyone for healing their life and discovering their spiritual powers within.
United Kingdom
love your CD and play it to my

clients and groups often."
Dr. Arianne Koven, Naturopath
Palm Springs, CA
have loss of muscle power due to my
Your CD promotes the new energy I feel."
Jeanie Burton, RN Retired
ress HERE to order "Energy Balancing & Chakra Cleansing" Meditation
today in digital format quickly and
securely with your credit card for only $4.99
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