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Guided Meditation
Recover the parts of your
~ Authentic Self, of
~ Your Soul,
which have been hidden from the world,
and perhaps from you.
Enjoy a 20-minute guided meditation followed by 10 minutes of gentle restful music.
Original music and recordings engineered by Kristopher Stone.
How has...
...being disconnected from your Soul...
your Authentic Self...
...affected your life?
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This morning I went on the dreaded treadmill.. But this time I used the "Recovering Your Soul" Meditation at the same time and it was awesome!!
Not only did 30 minutes fly, but when my soul energy entered my body, I was able to go very strong without stopping!!! I have never enjoyed exercising so much.
Not only did I take care of my body - but I nurtured my mind and soul as well - at the same time.  When I finished I felt FANTASTIC!!! 
Cathy Sanford , Boulder, CO
I discovered my own personal soul qualities,
and learned how to
get in touch with my
inner spirit.
Thanks for first talking me gently through each relaxing step, and then channeling your guides
to lead the meditation
at a comfortable
It positively influenced all levels of my
mind, body and soul.

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
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