Connie, you are one of the great teacher-healers that have come into my life. I am so very grateful.  I want to share with you how much you and Paularyo have opened my "eyes" by opening my heart. All these years I have receivewd messages of my heart, asking me to be in my heart ... but I never felt it - or expereinced it like I have with your guidance. This gift is priceless. Your gifts are gifts to the world.
~ Carolyn Schweitzer, Madison, WI


Thanks to you and Paularyo, I am a loving person and every day is a miracle.  I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon in Slovenia. God bless you.
~  S.L., Ljubljana, Slovenia


My husband said to me tonight he couldn't remember when we had such a relaxed and fun weekend together.  He asked me,"What happened?" YOU HAPPENED!
~ J.C., Welton, CT


I have received some important messages for my life ~ like information from a past life which caused a lot of problems in this life. It's been great for me ~ the right thing at the right time.
~  Sabine .S., Germany


Thank you so much for the channelng! "Aha" moments, big time! I am finally at peace. The last few years have been tumultuous for me and this was like a light at the end of the tunnel. Again, thank you!
~ Lauren Good, Olympia, WA


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been a person who took on other's pain because I felt I was loving them. Needless to say I have had terrific and persistent illness. Your message of sending their pain back to them with green, healing light and blessings released me. I choose to love myself by healing myself and tending to my own energy. I know that in doing so then I can truly love those around me without it hurting. Blessings and thank you again.
~ Marnie Bennett, Denver, Colorado


I just wanted to tell you how amazing my channeling session was. It gave me a true understanding of my path which brought enlightening transformation to my spiritual journey. Thank you Connie.

~ Ronit Gilboa , Tarzana, CA


The recent session I had with you has worked miracles in my life. It has taken me out of a brutal depression and allowed me to start to write well for the first time since my injury. I now have enormous hope. I am grateful in profound ways.
~  J.T., Bonita, CA


Guidance from Paularyo Helped Me Feel Whole Again!

     Feeling depressed and completely stuck in grief that I couldn't manage, I called the you and Paularyo for help.

     Paularyo helped me recognize the source of my pain and gave me visualization tools to heal it. I felt relieved, grounded and focused when we were done; much closer to the soul that I really am.

     Sometimes I lose touch with these qualities, so I continue to use these tools when I get fearful and have negative thoughts.

     I have a much better sense of how my pain and negativity have become a habit for me and that it will take time for me to create the habit of living from love and grace.

     So each morning when I wake up, I begin the day with my desire to live from love and not fear, then I do a quick visualization using Paularyo's tools. Once I feel the relief that always comes from releasing pain that I'm feeling, I can move through my day positively.

     If I falter, a quick mental reminder helps me stay away from living in my head and keeps me living from my heart, allowing me to feel whole again!
~  Monica Williams, McLean, VA


There's no way to express my gratitude for your humble yet amazing gift.  It has changed my life for the better.  The tools will be with me forever because  there's no way I'm going back.

The transformation is a combination of eternal love, serenity and peacefulness.  This powerful feeling has a humongous impact on me, and I never want to let that go.
~ Sheryl Spera, North Billerica, MA


Dear Connie, I have been the beneficiary of your channelings with Paularyo for over 17 years; each session has been amazing and without exception, has

* transformed me,

* set me free, 

* elevated me to a new energy,

* a new understanding, and

* a new way of be-ing in my life.

   The results of our session last week, however, were unprecedented and unexpected. I work in a middle school that has a program for students with emotional and behavior problems, and my position is help the students to improve their behavior and advise their teachers on effective strategies for teaching them. My duties had become overwhelming in regard to working with both the teachers and students, and I felt I wasn’t being effective.

   Paularyo advised me to return the emotional pain to all the children and teachers as I honor their Paths and their pain, wish for them healing, and then Paularyo gave me tools to heal myself.

   The next day, as I did this, I felt lighter and lighter . . . it was amazing! As I continued the process, smiling all the while, my energy level increased, and unexpectedly, so did my productivity!

   For example...

  • I had two spontaneous positive conversations with teachers,
  • shared those with colleagues by email,
  • came up with teacher-friendly behavior plans for two of our most difficult kids and shared those,
  • answered emails that I'd been putting off, and
  • had a wonderful end to the day when all of "my kids", on point sheets for behavior support, streamed in to my office, every single one of them earning points off the chart

   I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

Thank you, Thank you, Connie and Paularyo!
~ Tad Tandler, McLean, VA


I have had a lot of realizations since the session we had. I am totally aware of how I would hesitate to put myself out there when I have such "pleasing" tapes going on, and fear and anger that go with it. I am now less fearful, less angry and feel more relaxed. Thank you.
~ L.T. Coronado, CA


I feel from our reading that I can put more things in place to assist myself when further challenges turn up.
~ Simon, Melbourne, Australia


I've learned more about myself from you and Paularyo than from any therapist, ever!
~ Joan Cummings, Vista, CA


Thanks soooo much ... I'm really feeling a sweet calmness and excitement about healing and growing.   Meditation is easier, and I'm in a conscious state of compassion. Thanks again.
~Becky Jackson, Palm Springs, CA


Hi Connie -- You are so special -- I don't know if it's your guides or just you that's the healer. As you say, who knows? and it doesn't matter anyway.   You give a gift in a way that is acceptable to people ike me, who are basic skeptics of organized religion, and have had counseling but want to go deeper than that.
~ N.M., Coronado, CA


Thank you for creating an environment that allowed me to gain information about some life changing decisions.
~ D.D., Phoenix, AZ


I learned to reclaim my own power and move away from the victim position.
~ H.E., La Jolla, CA




WWWWOOWWWW....that certainly was powerful!
I was very moved and profoundly healed on so many
levels in the brief time. My deep gratitude
and respect for your continued role in service and light,
for me and the world at large! My deep gratitude
to Paulayro for cutting to the chase and
delivering the wonderful and much appreciated message.
So...all is well in my World and I am allowing it
to be EASY!
~ Deena S., Atlanta, GA


Connie, I wish I had words to convey how thankful
I am to have met you seven years ago, and to have
received the unbelievable insights for everything I've come
against. I feel I'd be progressing on a feeble
level without the help of Paularyo.
~ T.T., Denver, CO


I want to thank you for such a wonderful session with my mother and me . She hasn't stopped talking about it and being there gave me a lot of understanding about
why things were the way they were. Understanding is
such a powerful tool . Those you touch with your gift are far better off because of it.
~ K.J., Hamul, CA


want to thank you and Paularyo for your help the other day.
If you recall, after you helped me to release my anger I
had to go to the bathroom. Basically, the water
I had been retaining for years released. The way
that I know this for sure is that I can see the
shape of my cheekbones. Since that day I’ve
been looking in the mirror expecting the puffiness to come
back, but it hasn’t. I wasn’t expecting
a physiological proof of what you were saying,
but I was fortunate enough to get one.
~  M.S., Ashburn, VA


you, thank you, thank you. I feel so very lucky and blessed
to be on the receiving end of such wonderful, loving energy. I have experienced a marked increase in energy level
and abundant things happening. I am so grateful.
~  J.S., Sedona, AZ


Thanks to you and Paularyo I am now a loving person and every day is a miracle. Looking forward to seeing you soon in Slovenia.
~ S.L., Slovenia


what a tremendous feeling of freedom! I now have
such clarity and peace about my life and the path I am on. I thank you for helping me to help myself.
~ A.T.,  McLean, VA


I feel much more grounded, and have clarity
as I venture into new arenas. I now understand
how to move forward with confidence.
~ G.R., San Diego, CA


After one session with you I experienced a
major shift in my life! My sincere thanks to you.
~  J.T., Tucson, AZ


Words alone will not convey the impact our sessions
have had on me. I feel so ALIVE. Joy graces my being.
I am aware of all the possibilities in being alive and continuing my life's path and purpose.
~  T.F., San Diego, CA


I now know how to move forward with confidence without
feeling self centered. I clearly understand the
most generous thing I can do for others is to be true to
myself, and set that example in my life.
~  M.P., Solana Beach, CA


I sincerely appreciate your integrity in allowing
Spirit to come through despite my resistance. I now have
an incredible feeling of peace, calmness, and control
over my emotions. I feel more grounded; more focused; less
scattered. Thank you Connie for making all this
not only possible, but also fun! I thank the Universe for
~ G.S., San Diego, CA


I came away knowing how to help and heal myself
on a daily basis with the techniques you taught
me. I can promote a feeling of inner peace & calm.
~ C.H., Corona del Mar, CA


I learned to believe in and listen to myself. It was enlightening to be with you.
~ R.C., Lemon Grove, CA


Your sessions have been a blessing and helped
me see how important it is to challenge issues that keep
us from our potential, and spurred me into action
to change my life despite struggles with my fears at times.
I am grateful for your gift.
~  M.J., Hamul, CA


I learned to love myself totally and
realized I deserve the best. I established a healthy
relationship with the man of my dreams who I will
marry this April. I cannot give enough accolades to this
incredible woman/teacher!
~  R.S.,  San Francisco, CA


Your session gave me insights into mental
blocks which were holding me back from acheiving my life
~ D.P., Arlington, VA


Your channelling was a very powerful experience; we both have wonderful new insights to assimilate.
Thanks for your warm, caring service to us and the Planet.
You are magnificent!
~  C.E., San Diego, CA


You tuned into my core issues and took me on a beneficial
ride within. I learned how to reach into the hearts
of people and see their pain, taking their actions less
personally. Thanks Connie and blessings on your
~  S.K., San Diego, CA


Thank you for helping me get my life back
into balance.
~ C.A, San Diego, CA


am eternally grateful to you for your gift, it has
truly changed my life! I am a better person, much
more open to receiving on all levels. I feel empowered in
my daily life.
~  J.T., San Diego, CA


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